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Ok…so I have moved on…am getting better – now what? Like what exactly are my goals? What do I now want to achieve? I have spent the better part of the last 6 months playing and having fun but essentially I am goal driven and not a floater. Floating has been fun but I think it is time to spend less time floating and more time working on the longer term goals!


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As a parent I am concerned about the phenomenon of MY SPACE – my kids are into it -as are many others. I am also a teacher of teenagers and have already witnessed the impact that a MY SPACE page can have within a peer group in the real world. I have come across this really interesting explanation of ‘friending’ and while not necessarily the best resource since it’s the first one I have found I would like to share it with you. It’s a start at least. To be informed is to be forearmed for a potential breakdown in social group for our own children.

If you are a parent or a teacher or someone who works with teenagers it is in your best interest to get a handle on how the kids are socialising and ‘friending’ each other online. Check out this article and you will see what I mean.

Here is a little from the Abstract to get you started:

“Are you my friend? Yes or no?” This question, while fundamentally odd, is a key component of social network sites. Participants must select who on the system they deem to be ‘Friends.’ Their choice is publicly displayed for all to see and becomes the backbone for networked participation. By examining what different participants groups do on social network sites, this paper investigates what Friendship means and how Friendship affects the culture of the sites.

Hope it helps!

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Well this is not about my relationship with the ex for a change! This is about me, you and everyone else! I am rather chuffed to say that I have been noted for responding to a clip of a scene performed by Sydney Poitier noting how it reflects what we are capable of if we use our emotional intelligence. You can check it out at Tune up your EQ. Emotional intelligence is one of those things I believe we need to develop or learn and for some that is easier said than done, including myself. I was raised to believe that in time I would ‘mature’ and in developing this maturity it is assumed that the way I handle my emotions would simply grow with me. This is not true, and as a teacher, and mother, I spend quite a bit of time ‘teaching’ a more emotionally intelligent response to situations. (more…)

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