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Well I am inspired again this morning by none other than CH as he writes about being a ‘wierdo’. Ok…I am a wierdo..cos ‘normal’ just doesn’t fit!

Key quotes:

I still regularly feel out of place and like I don’t belong or really fit in.

Ummm not as clever as some, not as sexy as others, different tatses in music art and culture…no passion to stay married forever warts and all….
While all the other ‘normal’ kids were ploughing up and down the pool with their skinny ten year-old bodies, I was splashing around in my big-ass T-shirt… to hide my numerous rolls.

Not quite the same but similar…tried to fit into and be comfy in the ‘trendy stuff’ so many times and they… well…just don’t fit!

Even investing the time and energy that I do into this web-site has caused some of my friends to question my sanity and judgement… apparently doing what I do doesn’t make ‘commercial sense’.
It’s not logical; it’s weird.

Yeah – I get this – for different reasons but I get it…I once wrote heaps of lessons on decorative painting – they were hosted in other places and the sites closed…but I wanted my stuff out there for free…so i have a website that is my ‘classroom’ for painters. Something is broken on it right now so it is in need of repair…but people wondered why I bothered. I enjoyed it…knockers should learn to huild bridges!

Don’t really belong. – depends on where I am but it happens
Not good enough. – grew up with this debilitating self belief…changing that
Talented enough. – Creatively yes…athletically no…but i love dancing and don’t do to bad with some of that – now a recognised sport…so thats cool!
Funny enough. – Ive been looking for my sense of humour for about oh….20 years…lost it somewhere…anyone seen it?
Clever enough. – depends on the context…I’ve had a bit of the opposite where being clever is ‘threatening’ to ‘normal’ people…can’t win!
Cool enough. – never wanted to be cool anyway- I like warm and fuzzy
Skinny enough.- constant rollercoaster ride
Pretty enough. – for some
Young enough.- build a bridge…never to young to five something a go. This really ahs not been an issue for me…

Ok…Time to give Craig a little gift from my creative talents!

Now I know that I may have disappointed some of you because you thought I was Superman, not Weirdo-man… but sadly, it’s true.
No ‘super’ and plenty of weird.
I think I need a tight outfit with a big ‘W’ on the front.
Perhaps something in blue.
Turquoise even.
And maybe a modest yellow cape.
Nothing too long… might get caught in the back wheel.
Possibly some red boots.
Or not.
And beige tights.
I’m digressing.
You love my digressing.
It’s why you come back.
See… weird.

This is for Craig!

Super Wierd Guy


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