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Ok..I fess – I am in awe of Craig Harper his style, his manner, his writing, his whole site….and now he has thrown down a challenge I cannot ignore – the Get your shot together challenge’. See…(assuming you took took that link!) no airy fairy nice as pie language from this motivator – he is funny, brutally honest and expects the exact same from his readers. Well, In the last months if you have been following on with me you will know I have made major life decisions, and there are moments when I wonder if I have made the right choice. It’s time for me to move on, having learned from these experiences so it is time to stop dwelling on what happened, get my shit together and move on! (more…)

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This great poem fromCraig Harper really speaks loudly and clearly about the way life can pass some people by. Check it out:

It’s five fifteen in the morning.

You wake up excited with a day of new and amazing possibilities ahead of you.
You bounce out of bed and hit the floor running.
You jump in the shower, throw down some toast and head out the front door.
Knowing that today, is the day.
Your heart is racing with anticipation and your mind is cartwheeling through a smorgasbord of possibilities.

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Are you a parent with a 17 something teenage daughter that thinks she has the man of her dreams in her life and who bends the rules at every opportunity…I am and sad to say but I have had to bring to the fore tough love – problem it’s it feels tough on me too. I know in the long run this is for our benefit, but gee it is hard. Miss 17 currently thinks I am being unfair and unreasonable and is attempting to manipulate me with the idea that she can choose to live where she likes. So be it – but I am not changing my rules if she lives with me. (more…)

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